I'm alive under this circumstances.

There is a joke. I don't know of where's.

"Yes" has four meaning;
(1) I'll move as you say.
(2) I understood what you say.
(3) I'm listening.
(4) I'm alive.

Well, I was asked from some people actually "Are you alive?".
So I'll reply "Yes, no problem around me and my family".

I had encountered The Great Hanshin Earthquake at Kobe 16 years ago,
and I keenly feel that past disaster had been luckier one.

...sigh. now the government is broadcasting that radioactive material contaminated spinach and milk, though the value is ignorable. If it is ignorable you don't have to mention. They put out the information because it can't be.

Authorities say earthquakes and tsunami of the same scale as this time have been occurring every after one thousand years. Hanshin's was said that is four hundred years, and we laughed one another this must be the greatest one in my life. I was happy enough to encounter that all of my ancestors couldn't be experience, not only once, but twice!

Every time in the situation like this, the world wonder and appreciate Japanese people not to be in panic or riot. On the contrary I can't understand people's mind who cause riot. We cooperate because I myself want to survive. I don't want to be injured in a panic, I don't want to be disappointed to get nothing because of my rude deed. I wish I'd make a good example for you to imagine, but I can't.

* * *

Now world's eye may concentrate at nuclear plant #1 in Fukushima Prefecture.
It's plutonium thermal type, and the severe problem is occurring not in reactors themselves but fuel pool.
There is ten times of MOX in each fuel pool. In usual condition, it is fully in the water and chilled as cold as common people look down the water directly during the inspection tour.
At Four of six nuclear reactor stations, the fuel pool is overheating. Ten times plutonium than in the reactor. Those are what wear fearing.

Now the third trial to cool down the pool is doing. In the TV it looks like mist, but it looks like working much better than yesterday.

* * *

Our another problem is, the nuclear plant in trouble is to supply electricity to the Metro polis. It means we lack it. Blackout is in turn carrying out including commuter lines. We are ready to endure blackout of our household. However we can't eat without working. I wonder how long I can stand this situation.

* * *

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