today's tanka

many me
left the world
one after one
then all of them
got out of sight

from scab of the sky

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scab of the sky , a tanka sequence.

This work is originally an acrostic, but i ignored it when translated.

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today's tanka

only be there
that's all i wish
i do not say
be happy, but
stay alive, please

tada soko ni
ireba iidesu
nareto iwanai
ikite kudasai

* originarl Japanese poem first published in "Les Papiers Cyans" February 2007 issue.

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A sudden stop of service has occurred to my website, where i had rent a free rental space.
So there is no longer then you cannot read my Japanese work there.
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Best Regards,
Kasumi Numatani

today's tanka

a blind man
got aboard on
a colorless cloud
then melted away
into cobalt blue of the sky

*first published in: Les Papiers Cyans February 2008 issue

today's tanka

like a torso
made with wire,
i stand
waiting for you
with my hair reflect a light

harigane de
dekita torso no
ayausa ni
hito wo machi ori
kami hikarasete

-- from a tanka sequence He

today's tanka

i telephone you
looking down
the pale sky
seeing a kite's back
which reflects the sunlight

aozora wo
miorosu basho de
denwa suru
tobi no se ni
hi no ataru wo mitutu

today's tanka

that is like
the way of mold
to breed over a wall
that a shape of nation
changes its frontier

kabi-rui ga
katsuro wo hiraku
yarikata de
kuni no katachi ga
nobi-chijimi suru